Inés Mazarrasa

What can I do for you?

The art of observing inside your body


ines mazarrasaWould you like to experience how to solve your conflicts generated by new challenges? When you are able to stay in the hot spots in a facilitated process, you discover the power of disolving problems you never thought you could overcome and find new results.

Learn while you talk about your subjects as a transformation process. We always have difficulties, but manage them, will build a new scenario more productive and creates profitable organizations with durable relationships. Clients perceive it and value it. Reduce your costs by creating effective teams and sustainable changes.

The world has plenty of dreamers but it´s the doers that shape the planet
Tim Fardo
Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together
Jacqueline Woodson


From where you create and innovate in your organization? Can you adapt to change and modify your strategy without paying a high price? Try theses diversity dialogues  working from a multidisciplinary level. Your team will experience the qualities needed to adding value to what each member offers. You get to move forward in your internal and external diversity, get rid of thoughts and emotions unproductive and preserve your talent.

Art of travelling

The Flavour of La TierrucaThe Art of Travel is a guided tour into the heart and soul of a place, where you discover the essence of the people and the land, while expanding your own sense of self and what is possible when you return home. The trip to Cantabria will serve to remember how to apply skills and changes you want in your daily life. Creating a new way of travelling, we create a new way of being. It is the art of travel in life.

The true journey of discovery does not consist of searching for new landscapes, but in having new eyes
Marcel Proust

Individual Coaching: Executive and Life Coaching

Inés MazarrasaIt is an invitation to know they way you observe your light and shadow and discover that you are more than you think you are, so that can be useful for you and others not only your talents, also your pains. You will get a vision of happiness, being present in everything life brings you. Working in yourself will benefit the rest also. Be the offer you want to be for the world.


Emotions, Do you find yourself  adrift in them?   Irritated and you don´ t know why? Anxious? Stressed? Too generous? Intense emotional life? Linear? Fearful? Controller? Demanding? If  you learn how emotions work and manage them, your life will be compleately different. The way you see each moment goes with one emotion but if you don´t know how do you play and what are your behaviours when it comes, you won´t be able to manage them voluntarily.

Emotions are not good or bad. They just are
Dr. Susana Blog, creator of Alba Emoting TM.


Through your exercises and discussions, you really help me to reconnect with myself. You have made me realize that my body always tells the truth. And through you, I have experienced how powerful the body can be to overcome blockages in the mind. I highly appreciate the practices you have developed with me and which I can continue to do in my daily life.
Peter Harboe-Schmidt. Executive Coach.
I met Ines first at an Alba Emoting workshop, her energy overwhelmed my senses. Her first stroke disintegrated my ego's agenda with just one word. Convinced by my body and senses I called her for a Coaching process. She masters body and movement coaching techniques with an unique intuition for the very single insight needed at each stage. Every session took me to several breakthroughs with her and weeks after. She led me to my own resources and reconnected my energy to my own wisdom and personal power. Her best is compassive universal loving and her deep believe in the uniqueness of each person's life mission.
I am thrilled to have known Inés. Somehow life places people on your path! I had the opportunity to know the Alba method by participating in a workshop Inés held in London. It has allowed me to find out how I truly face my life in terms of emotions. Such a relief! I had a distorted self-image which has nothing to do with myself. Inés helped me to develop a better version of me somewhat. If anyone is not clear yet about participate or not in the programme, I would say not miss this chance because sometimes opportunities like this come around once in life and if you took it your life could change forever.
Vicky Barambones. Gender Specialist.
Several times we called Inés as a coach, to develop individual coaching. We developed also with Inés workshops, we unblocked, open new windows in our life, and oxigen. We worked team building with her and the team was strengthened and also the company.
Ceo Deluz Group.